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Target group: ​Children with autism spectrum disorders

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Dietary intervention:


1. Improve digestion (autistic children commonly have bowel irregularities)

2. Balance blood sugar (so for autistic children who show signs of hyperactivity, improving blood sugar balance is a must)

3. Avoid foods and chemicals that often reach the brain via the bloodstream and removal of foods containing gluten, casein, soya from the diet (GFCFSF)

4. Increase omega 3 fats (autistic children have an enzymatic defect that removes essential fats from brain cell membranes more quickly than it should)

5. Increase vitamins and minerals (vitamin B6, C, magnesium) from natural resource and calcium supplementation

The Steps to GFCFSF:


Weeks 1-2:

Remove all casein (milk, cheese, ice cream, sour cream, etc). Do not replace them with soy. Remove all soy. Begin calcium supplementation.

Example of GFCFSF diet for 1-3 years (1-2 weeks):​



Weeks 3-4:

Remove gluten – wheat, oats, barley and rye. Now your child is considered to be “on the diet!”

- coming soon 15.02.2016- ​



Week 5: 

​Recheck everything and refine diet, if needed. Do an inventory of sugars and carbohydrates, adjust diet to good levels.

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Hints for Diet Success:

​The first few weeks can be hard on both the child and the parents


  1.  Believe in success. Know that research shows that 91% of ASD kids improve on the GFCFSF diet. The diet will only make your child healthier, and healthy is the goal after all. Diet can be confusing at first, but remember YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  2. The diet is 100% or nothing. If somebody (including relatives) keeps giving your child things that are not on the diet, there is no point to doing it. 

  3. Get a blood test for food sensitivities, an IgG and IGE Foods Panel, before you begin if possible to avaoid substituting other foods your child is allergic to.

  4. Remove old foods from the house. If your child can see it he won’t understand why he can’t have the usual and the tantrums will be worse and last longer.

  5. Don’t take your child with you to the grocery store for a few months if you can help it, or be prepared for a fight in the store.

  6. Don’t eat the old foods (like pizza) in front of your child for a few months

Blueprint Autism​ for first 3 years:

1. Formal assessment and diagnosis: neurologist, behaviorist, speech & OT 

2. Find a DOCTOR for the long term! Perform baseline medical tests:
- genetic disorders like: Fragile X and Rett Syndrome. Perform MRI & 24 hour EEG.
- comprehension test, Stool test, RBC, Toxic metals and allergy panel

3. See an audiologist for a complete hearing evaluation.

4. Start the Gluten Free/ Casein Free/ Soy Free (GFCFSF) Diet

5. Remove allergens (from diet and environment)

6. Remove additives, preservatives , and dyes from all foods. Go organic and clean diet.

7. Start basic supplementation Calcium, vitamins B6, B12, probiotics, Omega (like Flaxseed Oil)

8. Further refine diet: remove phenols, salicylates & corn

9. Educate yourself about the potential risks of vaccination, chelation

10. Help your child obtain 8-10 hours a sleep each night

11. Consider Listening therapies

12. Start Social skills development – with structured play dates at home

13. Keep your marriage & family intact.

14. Evaluate all medical and traditional therapy options for their efficacy​​

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