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Healing technologies for everyone

Healino has developed a human nutrition analysis platform based on practical knowledge in the field of nutrition, BigData technical algorithms, which allows us to understand better the food we eat and how it affects each of us on an individual basis.

More than ever, science is helping us understand every aspect of our health, down to our DNA. Healino helps you create a personalized nutrition plan based on your genes.

Our platform analyzes


personal data of each person


food composition

(up to 150 nutrients per product)


menu recipes & cooking methods


scientific research from more than 300 sources


activity and geolocation

Our platform offers


personalized nutrition plan tailored to the client's goals


blog of the best nutritionists with interactive communication


selected scientific articles on the desired topic from trusted sources


personal plan of physical and breathing exercises


diets to reduce the risk of diseases


medication trackers


indexes and indicators of health


delivery of personalized food to home and office

Our nutritional offerings are based on the following principles

1. Scientific approach to nutrition


Today, there are about 1,000 diets. Over 10,000 scientific articles on nutrition are published yearly, and over 20,000 nutrition books hit the market, making healthy eating more confusing than ever. 

Unfortunately, many diets, documents, and books on nutrition contradict each other.

Healino carefully assesses how reliable each scientific article is and provides the client with a link to the study for complete transparency.

3. Personalized approach

Each person is unique. 

Our nutritional algorithms aim to expand the boundaries of individual nutrition by including thousands of different food and human factors.

Healino, with the help of unique tests, allows you to assess the risk of diseases that may arise or progress due to malnutrition and help you create an individual nutrition plan to reduce such risks and take preventive measures for the regression of diseases.

2. Contextual approach


Healino not only takes into account your personal needs and taste but also the context: when you eat, which recipes you are most interested in, and which recipes best suit your needs.


Healino will determine the healthiest meal options based on location, goals based on goals, balance of calories, macronutrients, trace elements, vitamins, and essential amino acids. 

Healino will recommend the necessary recipe, product, and component for a healthy and long life.

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