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Healing innovation

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Healino has developed a unique platform of personal nutrition analysis. It is based on practical knowledge in dietology and technical data processing algorithm BigData which enables us to better understand the food we consume and how it influences each of us on the individual basis

More than ever, science is helping us understand every aspect of our health, right down to our DNA. Healino helps you create a personalized nutrition plan based on performance of your genes.

Our platform analyses


personal data


product ingredients

(up to 150 nutrients)


recipes and instructions


scientific research based on more than 300 sources


activity and geolocation

Our platform offers


personal meal plan focused on individual goals


interactive blog with the best nutrition experts


trackers of medicine intake


reliable research articles selected on specific topics


 health ratios and indexes


personal activity plan including physical and breathing exercises


delivery of your personal meals for your convenience


selected diets developed to decrease the risk of certain diseases

1. Scientific approach


Today there are about 1000 diets. Annually more than 10,000 scientific articles on nutrition are published, and more than 20,000 nutrition books are loanched on  the market, making healthy eating more confusing than ever before. Unfortunately, many diets, documents and books about nutrition contradict each other.

Healino carefully assesses how reliable each scientific article is and for full transparency provides the client with a link to the study.

2. Context approach

Healino considers your personal needs as well as your preferences on the time you eat, your favorite foods and recipes to effectively achieve your goals.

Healino will point the healthiest meals according to your location, your personal goals, nutrition balance, micro and macro elements, vitamins and amino acids.

Every day Healino will recommend you certain product or element for your long and healthy life.

3. Personalized approach

Each person is unique. Our algorithms of food offerings are aimed at expanding the boundaries of individual nutrition, by including thousands of different factors in food and human beings.

Healino with unique tests allows you to assess the risk of diseases that can occur or progress due to nutrition and help create an individual nutrition plan that reduces such risks and creates preventive measures for regression of diseases.

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