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Movement is life


How much time do you spend sitting? Whether it is working at a computer, driving a car, watching TV or just hanging out with your friends. Unfortunately, nowadays people are more “constant”, not “upright”

WHO defines insufficient physical activity as the fourth most important factor in global mortality - 6% of worldwide deaths.

Meanwhile, physically active people are less susceptible to the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, 2 type of diabetes, breast and colon cancer.

Doctors say that physical activity has a positive influence on the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, on insulin resistance, blood pressure, reduces the inflammatory processes in the body.

It is important to note that the improvement of indicators was observed in the elderly, who became more active, in comparison with those who continued an inert way of life.

Physical activity includes regular walks in the fresh air, outdoor games, physical exercises, running, swimming, domestic chores, and garden activities.

Do you want to live longer and healthier? Come out two stops earlier, play with children in outdoor games, stroll before going to bed, swim and jump. In general, do not sit still.

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