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The basics of the balanced kids menu


The most important question of every parent is still a question of how to feed a kid. The balanced menu is crucial for the healthy growth. In young body all processes are faster, organs and bones grow, brain is developing and that is why the proper nutrition is vital.

In order to keep with the proper physical and mental health of your kid please follow next recommendations

1. Half of your kid’s plate should belong to fruits and vegetables. Numerous research proves that eating fruits and vegetables decrease the potential risk of diabetes and obesity in young age, asthma, dermatitis and other allergic diseases. Fruits and vegetables provide young body with fiber, vitamins and minerals.

2. Grains and beans are essential for growing body. It is a great source of slow carbs that give energy. Grains are rich in vitamin B complex which are important for healthy nervous system. Grains are also good source of plant protein with wide range of amino acids. And please avoid using fast cooking meals.

3. Limit the use of refined sugar. The best desert for your child still are fruits and berries. Consuming products with the catastrophic amount of sugar such as carbonated sweet drinks, juices, cakes, biscuits and candies lead to obesity, metabolic and nervous system disorder.

4. The adequate amount of protein. Each cell of the kid’s body is actively dividing, organs, bones and skin grow continuously. That is why protein is so vital. The child should regularly eat eggs, low fat meat, fish, dairy. It is not necessary to give everything during one single day. Eating one product from each group 1-2 times a week is enough. Besides the animal protein you shouldn’t forget about the plant sources of protein – beans, grains, nuts and vegetables.

Never feed your child with junk. Clean your table of food junk: chips, bread crumps, processed food, sweets, carbonated drinks. Eating the above do irreparable harm to your child’s health.

The best beverage to your kid is water. Water is the universal source to quench your thirst, it washes away poisons and toxins, cleanse lymph, improves the work of all organs and bowel movement.

Do not forget that How you eat is as important as What you eat. Make sure that during the meal your kid is not distracted with TV or any other gadgets. Research prove that kids taking their meals together with the family are less subject to obesity or physiological disorders.



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