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6 friends of high blood pressure

Hypertonia or arterial hypertension is the disease shown in high blood pressure. The blood pressure is considered high when it exceeds 140/90 mm of m. According to WHO one third of the planet population is impacted by this disease

WHO specialists pick the following factors that lead to the expansion of this disease: gender, age, inheritance, lack of physical exercise, smoking, diabetes, overweight, excessive use of salt.

Once you have this disease it is recommended to medically support the normal blood pressure but it is also proven that if you correct your diet and lifestyle you can not only lessen the dosage of medication but completely avoid them as well.

If you are the subject to the inheritance factor or you are under a lot of stress and you began to notice first signs of arterial hypertension (headaches, buzzling in ears, seeing spots, heartaches when in rest state or in stress) – it’s time to take some actions.

1. Salt

Scientists around the world confirm the connection between the salt intake (NaCl) and the spread of cardiovascular diseases. Modern products have too much salt and we often consume the extra 10-15 g of salt during the day when we only need 4-5 g.

To reduce the salt intake:

· Avoid fast-foods, processed food, sausages, souses, chips, crisps and preserved foods. It all contains excessive salt

· When cooking try to replace salt with spices, natural ingredients – it will make your meals delicious

· Notice that salt is in many products: chees, bread, dairy (cottage cheese, yogurt)

· Add salt at the end of cooking process. The earlier you add salt the lesser you will taste it at the end in the ready meal.

2. Coffee, tea, alcohol

The research prove that the mild consuming of these drinks (1-2 cups of coffee) doesn’t lead to the hypertension risk while the excessive usage of caffeine and alcohol has very negative impact. And if you already have been diagnosed with this disease you should definitely avoid them.

3. Animal (saturated) fat

The excess usage of saturated fat has a bad influence on human vessels. It is proved that eating a lot of products rich in animal saturated fat increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases in several times. Fatty meat, poultry meat, dairy should not be often guests on your table.

4. Sugar

Overeating of refined sugar leads to overweight, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome. All these conditions are tightly connected to high blood pressure.

5. The lack of exercise and stress.

The physical activity and the ability to reduce the emotional tension are very important for normalizing the work of cardiovascular system as well as diet and inheritance. Stresses, psychological tension, mental tiredness and lack of exercise guarantee you having high blood pressure after the age of fifty.

6. Smoking

In modern world smoking is one of the main factors which influences the spreading of cardiovascular diseases. All preventive measures and therapy will be useless as long as you smoke.

High blood pressure – is very dangerous condition which significantly decrease the quality of life and leads to catastrophic consequences. Do not underestimate the effect that salt usage and smoking render to your heart. Take care of your body since young age.

In the next article we will pay attention to the products that can help you in hypertonia prevention


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