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How not to gain


Winter - the time of prolonged holidays, feasts and an abundance of food. Food plays an important role in the social life of a person. We set the table when we invite friends, we pass on traditions and history through food, and of course, we celebrate. On holidays, tables break with a variety of dishes, and later we can not throw off extra pounds until the summer, and even until the next New Year holidays.

If you already have extra pounds, then you will not succeed in losing weight on holidays. But you need to try at least to stay in the same form.

1. Carefully choose snacks. During the winter holidays, a large number of sweets and gingerbreads appear in every house. Even if you do not buy such sweets, you will definitely be given some. Do not forget that every candy and gingerbread will give you pleasure for 5-10 minutes and stay on your sides much longer. Prefer fruit, but be careful with them as well.

2. Choose protein and fiber. On any festive table, you will find a variety of dishes. Give preference to protein foods (meat, poultry, eggs, fish) and fiber (raw vegetables). Such food saturates for longer, has a low glycemic load, and therefore will not lead to a jump in blood sugar levels.

3. Watch for portion sizes. Often we eat quite innocuous food, but in huge quantities. Try not to put a lot on a plate at once. Put on a spoonful of your favorite dish and do not rush. Have fun and savor every bit of it. Distract yourself more from the plate, communicate.

4. Do not forget about physical activity. Often during the holidays we postpone training. And in vain. Just these days, try to find 30 minutes for jogging or exercising at home. Your body needs it very much. During the feast, remember the dances, the game "crocodile" and other activities.

5. More water! You may think that this will not help. But do not underestimate the power of a clean water. Do a simple thing. On the festive table, aside from juices and alcohol, put a decanter of clean water. Add a few slices of lemon and throw in a twig of mint. You will definitely surprise the guests.

Do not forget that holidays can be made special by inventing an interesting program, decorating a tree together or playing board games. You can walk and eat tangerines, go bowling or go skating. Let the holidays become family and friends time.

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