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How to get back in shape after the holidays


Long New Year holidays are coming to an end and many of us have felt the extra weight. On average during the New Year's holidays an average person gains 2-3 kg. But do not worry, everything is reversible.

To gain one kilogram of fat you need to eat about 8000 calories over your normal intake. And this is a lot. Most of the kilograms gained during the holidays are just excess fluid. So it turns out that during the holidays we move less, sleep worse, drink alcohol and overeat. All this does not have the best effect on our lymphatic system, as well as on intercellular exchanges.

If you want to go back to your before-holiday shape, here are a few tips:

1. Clean the fridge and shelves from the festive meal. Throw away all that is left from the holidays. Old mayonnaise and last year's sausage - you are not friends. Give the sweets and gingerbread to the poor. Without temptation it's easier to return to the proper nutrition.

2. Restore the water regime. Juices, compotes and alcohol should become taboo. Drink more clean water.

3. Eat at home. Only at home you can control the preparation and composition of your meals. Inviting you to visit, the owners want to surprise and please, that is why the food, as a rule, is fatty, fried, salty and spicy. Cook at home the usual meals.

4. Return to the gym or stadium. It's time for exercise. Running, jumping, squats perfectly relieve extra fluids from the body. Edema will disappear after the first training.

5. And no strict diets. You will get the opposite effect. Maybe the weight will go away for a while, but as soon as you return to the normal diet, the kilograms will come back. Do not scold yourself, it will not help. Just return to the mode.

And of course, we do not forget to walk more, to get quality sleep and to think positively. We wish health and good luck to everyone in the new year.



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