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Sauerkraut. Winter Super Food


Sauerkraut is a popular and favorite dish. The special taste and smell is acquired as a result of lactic acid fermentation, the preservative is salt. There are a million recipes and secrets in the preparation of this dish, but the basis is always one - cabbage and salt.

In winter, sauerkraut is a source of different vitamins: C, A, B and K. Vitamin C strengthens the walls of blood vessels and increases the body's resistance to viruses. Vitamins K and B help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, problems with the intestines, and also strengthen the bones of the skeleton.

Sauerkraut contains such micro elements as magnesium, calcium, chlorine and others. Dishes from cabbage improve metabolism, stimulate the production of red blood cells.

Sauerkraut cabbage has a probiotic effect. Lactic acid bacteria help in the regulation of the intestinal microflora, and this solves many health problems:

  • increases immunity

  • reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions

  • helps to fight stress

  • improves the functioning of the intestine and other systems

And do not forget that cabbage is an excellent source of fiber. And we know that cellulose helps us to fight with bad cholesterol, improves metabolic processes, and improves the functioning of the intestine.

Due to the high salt content, as well as acid, sauerkraut with caution should be used with caution by people with hypertension, acidity, pancreatic diseases.

When buying cabbage in a store, make sure that there are no preservatives or added sugar in the composition. And best of all, ferment it yourself, because it is not difficult.



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