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Are potatoes so terrible?


Potatoes have long occupied an honorable place on our tables. It is difficult to imagine a family that does not consume this vegetable. And in many families, it forms the basis of the diet. Dishes from potato tubers are very nutritious and tasty. Potato is almost 20% starch, and this is why it is avoided by those who watch their weigh

Scientists have conducted a study, where for twenty years, watched the change in diet and weight of hundreds of thousands of people. And they found that the greatest increase in weight is given by the addition of potatoes to the diet. Of course, mostly from fries and chips, less - from baked and boiled potatoes.

In spite of this, the potato itself contains many useful components: vitamin C, B6, potassium, magnesium, sodium, protein, fiber, antioxidants. The amount of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and useful elements depends on the variety. Tubers are rich in soluble fiber, the use of which positively affects the level of cholesterol in the blood and the work of the intestine. The greatest amount of such fiber is in cooked and cooled potatoes.

It is worth noting that the bulk of nutrients is in the peel and near it, therefore cleaning potatoes is not the best choice. When we are dealing with this vegetable, the way of preparation is decisive. Fries and as well as fried potatoes contain a huge amount of fat. Mashed potatoes have a very high glycemic index, and despite the fiber, it still raise the blood sugar level considerably. The best option is baked or boiled potatoes in the skin.

Potatoes become dangerous when the light changes color of potatoes to green or it germinates. This green peel and in sprouts contain solanine - a dangerous toxin. Such potatoes should not be eaten.

Potatoes are very nutritious and healthy. But its use depends on the method of cooking and quantity of it. This is the case when a small portion of a properly cooked meal benefits. You can easily afford 1-2 small potatoes, baked in a peel. But who will stop for two pieces?


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