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Health of your nails


Beautiful, strong nails are not only beautiful. The state of the human nail plate can determine the general health state of the body. A shortage of trace elements, or an excess of toxins will be visible on your nails.

The nail, like hair, consists of creatine, which is a protein. The density of the nail plate is determined by a number of factors, including the composition of trace elements entering the body.

So, what nutrients should be added to your diet for strong nails and hair?

Protein. As it was said above, nails consist of protein, no tissue of the body will be fully formed without sufficient supply of protein. And the density of this protein depends on the content of the amino acid cysteine. Include in your daily diet products rich in this amino acid: chicken, eggs, sunflower seeds, soy, peas, fish.

Biotin or vitamin H. This is one of the B vitamins, which plays a leading role in protein and fat metabolism. Biotin is also a source of sulfur, which also determines the density of keratin in the plate. An excellent source of this vitamin will be egg yolk, nuts (especially almonds), cauliflower, spinach, mushrooms, cheese.

It is important not to forget about such microelements as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. It is known that they all work together, and the normal assimilation of one element depends on the amount of the other. Therefore it is important to choose products with a good proportion of these substances: fish, beans, apples, garlic, beef, cereals, dairy products.

A very important role plays water. And for the health of nails it is non replaceable. Drink your norm of clean water, so that the tissues of your body do not feel thirsty.

And here are some interesting facts about nails.

Nails grow faster in men than in women. Slower in winter than in summer. On the working arm they grow faster, but less neat. For the nail plate to renew completely it takes 4 to 6 months.



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