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Morning habits that help you lose weight


If you need to throw off a couple of kilograms, you do not need to change your way of life cardinally and follow a strict diet. You can introduce a few small habits into your life and this will help to keep yourself in shape.

Five morning trivia, which should become your daily routine.

1. A glass of water. Water "triggers" your metabolism. Studies show that drinking water reduces appetite. 500 ml of water reduces the amount of calories consumed during breakfast by 13%. Another observation showed that women who increased water consumption per 1 liter lost up to 2 kg per year without changing their habits of eating or activity.

2. 10-15 minutes of exercise. After a glass or two water, do a little exercise. Physical exercises will improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage. The scientists found that morning exercises control the blood sugar level during the day. Morning sports improve the well-being and gives a charge for the whole day.

3. High-protein breakfast. There are many opinions about what should be eaten for breakfast, but definitely it should be balanced. Protein breakfast reduces the risk of breakdowns and helps to fight the excess weight. One of the studies proves that a high-protein breakfast helps in the fight against excess weight by reducing appetite and the level of the hormone ghrelin (the hormone of hunger).

4. Collect your lunch or snack. Lunch boxes are becoming more popular. Taking lunch with you will help control your weight. Thinking about your meals in advance is a great way to keep from impulsive choices.

5. Morning walk and stairs. Spend more time in the fresh air. It's not a secret that car owners are more sloped to weight gain. Walking to a stop of transport, or to your child's school will increase your energy consumption, will provide cells with oxygen. Get off one stop earlier than you need, do not use the elevator and you will notice a change.

If you are not ready to dramatically change your lifestyle, start with small steps. And as soon as these 5 points become habits, you will want to go further!



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