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Three proven methods to get rid of the belly fat

You know that fat in the human body is deposited in different places. A small excess of subcutaneous fat is completely physiological. There are people with excess weight who do not have any health problems. But there are also those who look thin, but are experiencing a number of problems associated with the metabolic syndrome. These people usually are slimmer in appearance, but have a belly fat. This is just visceral fat - fat accumulation, around the internal organs. If you are a woman and your waist is approaching the number of 85 cm and above, then it is worth paying attention to your lifestyle. For men a waist size above 105 cm is considered dangerous

When it's time to care of your health, pay attention to three scientifically proved ways to reduce the waist size.

Reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed and exclude sugar from your diet. Scientists have proven that nutrition with a reduced carbohydrate content is more effective in getting rid of internal fat than a low fat diet. Excess of fructose, which is contained in the sugar, leads to the accumulation of fat in the liver. Exclude from the diet bakery, sweet drinks, sweets, candies and bakery products.

Increase protein and fiber in the diet. A number of studies show that an increase in protein food in the diet reduces the frequency of snacks, speeds up metabolic processes, reduces the number of calories consumed per day. If you want to have a flat stomach, strive to get 25-30% of calories from protein food (eggs, meat, fish, legumes, dairy products). Food rich in fiber should also take up a lot of space in your diet. Vegetables, fruits, wholegrain porridges preserve a sense of saturation, reduce appetite, reduce the cholesterol level and improve overall well-being.

Physical exercises. But do not think that pumping the abs will help you get rid of the hated "lifebuoys." According to observations, aerobic exercises (running, walking, swimming, aerobics) are the most effective in fighting abdominal fat. So do not forget to run out sometimes.

A large belly is not only not very aesthetically, but it is also a sign of metabolic disorders. It is important to control the size of your waist, not only to fit your favorite dress or trousers, but also for your good health and well being.



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